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Deputy is a 10 year old roughly 15 hand grade gelding, he stands for the vet and farrier. He has had ground work done but no formal training yet. Deputy is a thinker, he is always processing things and one step ahead of you. if your looking for an easy horse he is not your boy. Deputy's adoption fee is $1000

Cash (joined the heaven herd)

Cash is a 25 year old Quarter horse that was a owner surrender. unfortunately his previous owner fell on hard times so she reached out to RPC to make sure this cute old man had a soft landing.  Due to arthritis Cash would do best as a walk trot horse he has shown that retirement is not for him. he will need work to get back into working shape but he has the energy. Cash unfortunately foundered and we needed to make the tough decision to let him be pain free.


Prim (Adopted!)

Prim is up for adoption due to no fault of her own. Prim is a beautiful 5 year old appaloosa that is very well traveled. she came from California when she was a yearling, she has had a lot of ground work done and is just waiting for someone to become a partner with and finish her up. Prim had some type of facial trauma as a baby that you can see but it does not effect her. Prim has started some riding she just needs someone to help refine her and understand her. She is your typical mare so if you love the squealy, attitude filled days of mares she is your girl she is a diva.

Tony (Adopted)

Tony is a 13 year old Morgan that is built like a building so we call him 2 ton Tony. His previous home fell on hard times so Tony found himself and his pasture mate Jasper at RPC.  Tony is green broke to ride, he is very sweet and eager to please, he would be a great trail horse! Tony would need work at the canter (if you can get him to go that fast) he is a slow and steady wins the race type of guy. Tony stands for the vet and farrier and has not health issues and goes barefoot. He will be going into training soon. If you would like to adopt Tony his fee is $1200.

IMG_3562 2.HEIC

 Jasper (adopted)

Jasper is a 11 year old Paint that was Tonys pasture mate since he was a foal. Jasper is not broke to ride but very willing to meet you at the gate and get attention. Jasper has great ground manners and stands for the vet and farrier, he has no health issues and goes barefoot. Jasper was Adopted out over a year ago but due to job relocation he is back with us. His new friend Deputy also came with him and will be looking for his new home. They can be adopted together or seperatly as long as there are other horses for them to be with.

Sean (Adopted)

Little Sean was pulled from a North Carolina Kill pen when he was less than 6months old. We have no idea what happened to his mother or if he was born there and separated but he is here and safe now. He is young and had a rough start at life but this little boy will give you the world if you're willing to work with him. Little Sean was castrated in October to he is ready to get his new life started. Sean is your typical stubborn pony so pony experience is preferred. Seans adoption fee is $500


Rodeo Red (Adopted)

Rodeo Red or Red for short came to us as a owner surrender, his pasture mate had to unfortunately cross the rainbow bridge and his owner being in her 70's was having a hard time. Red is a 27 year old quarter horse paint mix. He can do light riding work mostly walking and very little trotting due to arthritis so he would make a good lead line horse with a refresher. He would also make a great companion horse he is always low man on the totem pole. adoption fee $500

Buck (Adopted)

Buck is a 4 year old Appaloosa gelding that was pulled from a Pennsylvania kill pen as a yearling. Buck knows how to lunge and has been saddled he is a very willing learner. he stands for the vet and farrier and goes barefoot. He is a little over 14 hands he is not a big boy but he makes up for it in personalities and smarts. He is the first to meet you at the gate and if you're working on a project watch out for your tools because he will play with them. adoption fee 3000. Buck lives at RPC and will go through the same adoption process as the others but Buck is privately owned and the owner is donating all the adoption fee to the rescue.


Diamond Player (Adopted)

Diamond Player is a branded 13 year old standardbred. she was pulled from the Pennsylvania kill pen and came to us to learn to trust again.

Griffin (Adopted)

Griffin has been adopted and will be going to a beautiful home in Vermont where he will learn the joys of trail riding. Griffin is a beautiful paint gelding around 10 years old, not much is known about his past but it hasn't been a friendly one. Griffin came to RPC from a rescue in Maine that has hit a rough patch. Griffin has had extensive ground work and has learned to be brave. Griffin is low man on the totem pole in the pasture and gets along with any horse he comes into contact with. He is NOT a beginners or Childs horse.

IMG_1298 2.JPG

Jaxson (Adopted)

Jaxson the super cute 15 year old mini was a owner surrender, he was left out in the cow field until the family decided to post him on craigslist. Thankfully we were able to go get him that day. He had not been seen by a vet or farrier in a very long time so we got right to helping him out. Jaxson has been adopted and is now living in Connecticut.

Captain (Adopted)

Captain is a Hanoverian cross said to be in his mid 20's he was another owner surrender. Captain didn't even make it off the trailer to RPC before volunteer/previous adopter Keith said it was love at first sight and scooped him up.


Polo(Joined the heaven herd)

Polo is a 18 year old thoroughbred that is a owner surrender. He is a super sweet boy that loves to play. Polo has dropped hocks so he is a pasture puff. Polo also has equine melanoma which is common in gray horses. So Polo will live out his days here where we can make sure he is comfortable. Polo joined the heart horse herd on February 5th 2023. He will be truly missed.

Camaus (ka-moo) (Joined the Heaven herd)

Camaus was mid 30s year old paint horse that came from California a number of years ago. he was recently diagnosed with Cushings so we were working on his meds with him but unfortunately we were not able to get it under control in time. Moo was sent to a foster home for the summer to have his last months be wild and free in a large grass field with no worries. Moo Joined the heart horse herd September 12th 2022. We will miss the grumpy old man that demanded attention from everyone.


Buster (Joined the Heart herd)

Buster brown being the horse that was RPC's first rescue was a hard one to have to say goodbye to but he lived a full life. he was 40 years old and had cushings and let us know the day he was ready to go.

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